Industrial venues

There is something effortlessly dramatic about an industrial space – the high ceilings; the flood of light; the unexpected details from a factory past. It’s no wonder that industrial venues have become so popular for a huge range of events.

What is an industrial venue?

Industrial spaces are usually vast and airy with design features such as exposed brickwork; copper piping; concrete floors; and steel beams. In a previous life, the space may have been used as a factory, a warehouse, or even as a wartime bunker; lending a unique and historical edge that simply can’t be found in more modern venues.

However, finding the right industrial venue for your needs can be challenging if you don’t know where to begin. That’s why at Blank Canvas we have scoured London and its surrounding areas to find the most unusual, breathtaking, and storied venues which can be adapted for any number of different uses.

What sorts of events can take place within an industrial venue?

Industrial venues are ideal for any event where you want to make a lasting impression; while the vast space means that they can generally hold more people than the average event space.

Industrial style wedding receptions are a new trend among alternative couples, who love the opportunity to break away from the norm and offer a chic twist on the traditional hotel ballroom or restaurant setting.

For corporate launches, the tall walls and spacious interior of an industrial venue leave plenty of room for presentations and projections; while the extensive square footage allows for easy networking.

Meanwhile for social events and commercial releases, the stark, minimalist background of an industrial setting leaves plenty of room for you to add your own design elements to the space. Contrast the clean lines and airy interior with feminine florals or other bohemian touches. Or you could simply let the existing decor speak for itself and create a cool and edgy atmosphere for your guests.

What’s the benefit of hosting your event at an industrial venue in London?

By holding your event in an industrial venue in London, you are ensuring that your wedding or event will take place in a truly memorable location. What’s more, the sheer size of these industrial spaces means that they can frequently cater for more than 400 guests.

When it comes to sourcing industrial venues, London has some of the best options in the country. From former hydraulic power plants, to Victorian-era warehouse spaces, historical stables, and old breweries – the choices are endless. We can host events in stunning, one of a kind locations such as the Wapping Wall Hydraulic Power Station (capacity 400); the Langley Street Showrooms (capacity 280) in Covent Garden; and the Stables in Camden Town (capacity 420), where the Rolling Stones shot their famous Sticky Fingers artwork in 1969.

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