Dry Hire Venues London

There are many great reasons for booking a dry hire venue in London. Dry hire spaces are rooms and venues that are booked without any additional features. When you use this kind of space, you get access to the room without any furniture, catering or entertainment. If you need to gain full control but still need a space for your event, this may well be the best solution. You will be able to source your own catering, entertainment, props, furniture and more. At Blank Canvas, we can help you gain access to a wide range of London dry hire venues. We specialise in helping you book underground spaces, urban environments, contemporary and stylish locations and more.


The benefits of using dry hire venues

If catering isn’t needed or you would rather sort out your own catering, a dry hire venue may well be ideal for your needs. Dry hire venues have become particularly popular for Asian weddings, but this certainly isn’t the only kind of event they are used for. Dry hire spaces are also ideal for performances, product launches and many more. The name of our company refers to the way we give our clients totally blank canvases to work with, allowing your decorating team to gain total control of the way the venue appears when your event is taking place.


Ideal for a wide range of events

If you are on a tight budget, the ability to source your own caterers and agree your own rates may be ideal for your requirements. These spaces are also great for parties, art exhibitions, fashion shows, trade events and much more. At Blank Canvas, we have vast experience when it comes to providing new, exciting and unusual spaces in London for companies and organisations from the events and creative sectors. We are a full-service venue and events management company that’s passionate about delivering the service that you are looking for. You can get in touch with us at any point if you do have any queries about how we can serve your needs.


Let us assist you

Perhaps you do wish to hire a dry hire venue but need a little help with deciding which options are right for you? Then get in touch with us today. We will listen very closely to what you have to say, using the information you give us to identify the best available space for your needs. We also have strong relationships with a wide range of suppliers who can work with you to create and deliver unforgettable events in London.


Getting in touch

Our clients have included names as illustrious as Nike, Toyota, ITV, Sony, Netflix and more. Our office can be found at 56 Hoxton Square, and you can reach us today by sending a message to info@blankcanvas.co.uk or calling us on +44 (0)20 3757 8403. If you need to find a space for a world-class event, we can deliver. Why wait any longer to get in touch?


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