Film Locations London



At Blank Canvas, we find unique, undiscovered, stunning venues to hire out for events at a great price that make any occasion truly memorable. Amongst our event services we provide venues for weddings, product launches, fashion shows, photo-shoots and now we provide film locations.

When scouting for locations for filmmaking we understand that there are many factors you must take into consideration such as the aesthetics, the costs, location, weather conditions, facilities etc. We have a diverse range of buildings from factories to warehouses and from studios to grand halls. Whatever the genre and style of the film, we have venues that have something unique to offer. As we are based in London, the location is first class and many successful films and TV programmes are filmed here due to the transport facilities, iconic settings and renowned landmarks.


The Right Venue


We supply venues that are suitable for different weather conditions, the majority are rainproof and some have grounds for good weather conditions. The decoration in the venues is minimal so they can be transformed into sets from different eras, genres or places, flexing around your plot. The minimalist settings give ample opportunity for creativity to blossom and the most dramatic transformations to take place.  

The properties can be rented out short term or long term depending on the length of your production and the usage can be scheduled around you and your filming hours. They also all come with facilities such as toilets, electricity and some even come with lighting and stages depending on the venue.


Nothing Taking Your Fancy?


If none of our existing venues are suitable for your production, we have a highly experienced venue scouting team who will draw up your brief and find several venues to suit it and then negotiate the best price with the landlord saving you the hassle and the paperwork. Our employees are also willing to accommodate to your needs in terms of the interior and will adapt the venue to become the environment that you desire. We will combine ideas to map out the perfect set and then we will help you to source the props you need to transform your set. We pride ourselves on our reliability and dedication to the client’s vision over our many years of experience and operation.


Finding The Perfect Location

If you wish to hire one of our existing venues, negotiate rates or discuss your dream venue then do not hesitate to get in touch and we will begin the process of turning your vision into a spectacular piece of art. Simply call us on 02072697935 or email us at