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Talk to Blank Canvas today if you are searching for the perfect venue for a pop-up shop in London. Pop-up shops have been taking the world by storm recently and are now being found in smaller towns and cities as well as places like London and New York. A pop-up shop is a temporary retail space that can sell goods of any type. Pop-up shops can remain in operation for just a week or even a day before they make way for another retailer. Pretty much any kind of merchandise you can think of has been sold in a pop-up shop somewhere. Pop-up shops are frequently used to sell food, beverages, artworks, clothes and much more.


Find the perfect location

Pop-up shops are often located in areas with a high level of footfall, such as town and city centres, shopping malls and busy streets. The cost of setting up a pop-up shop can be very modest, which makes them ideal for start-ups and other small businesses seeking to generate a buzz around their products and services. Pop-up shops are also regarded as very ‘hip’ and trendy, and they can therefore lend your brand a great deal of credibility.


Create a real buzz

Another key benefit of pop-up shops is that they tend to be very informal in nature, which means they give you a chance to really connect with your customers and boost brand engagement. Believe it or not, around 90% of all purchases are still being made offline, which means opening a pop-up shop is a great idea for anyone who mainly sells their products and services online. You can even use your pop-up shop to direct customers to your website if they are interested in making a purchase but are not quite ready to do so immediately. Your pop-up shop can also win the attention of the media and therefore help you create more awareness for your company. Even some of the biggest brands around have experimented with pop-up shops to create a buzz around their products.


Ever-changing spaces

Pop-up shops take their name from the way they can ‘pop-up’ seemingly out of nowhere one day and disappear the next. A venue used to host a pop-up shop can be home to a caterer or fashion company during the day and a craft beer business just hours later. Pop-up shops can also play host to live performances and more. We are waiting to hear from you right now if you are interested in opening a pop-up shop and need to identify the perfect venue for your requirements.


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The location of your pop-up show will play a big role in determining whether your endeavour is a success. We can place you in various central London units with vast footfall that will generate the attention you require and ensure you get the sales and exposure you need. Why not contact us today to learn more about what we can offer in terms of London pop-up venues? For more information, call us on +44 (0)20 3757 8403 or send a message to info@blankcanvas.co.uk.


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