Christmas Work Party Ideas



The festive season is upon us and, for many, this means facing the challenge of organising the best possible Christmas party.
For many companies, the Christmas party is an opportunity for staff to unwind, feel rewarded for a year’s hard work and simply enjoy time with their teammates. Because of this, it’s easy for those left with the responsibility of party planning to feel overwhelmed, as there is a lot to take in.

Fortunately, Blank Canvas has plenty of experience in planning fantastic, memorable Christmas parties for companies both large and small. We have a number of diverse & unique locations across London for your perfect Christmas Party in a Blank Canvas venue. Here are the some of the most important factors to consider when organising a Corporate Christmas party.


The Right Venue


Of course, any venue needs to have a large space suitable for the type of function you are planning. Yet it is often much much more than this.

The right party location can greatly influence the entire party. Do you want an industrial setting, or something more modern? The type of venue can change the theme of the party. Even the layout can influence the overall experience. A large central room, for instance, is perfect for a dance floor or area that encourages people to come together, rather than spending time in separate, isolated spaces.




The best Christmas parties come with entertainment and this requires a little expertise to get perfect. After all, you can’t just set up a few speakers and consider it done. The right sound system will make the night go smoothly, while an inefficient one will cause audio problems all night long.

In our experience, you need experts that understand party planning, able to place speakers and other equipment where it makes the biggest impact. This ensures the music is loud and clear on the dance floor, allowing guests to party on with no complications.

Likewise, you might want additional support, such as lightning, projectors or something more unique. Blank Canvas has helped transform numerous empty spaces into fantastic entertainment halls, all thanks to the correct set-up.


Setting A Theme


Aside from practical matters, such as the venue and entertainment, you also have to consider a theme. Even within the realm of Christmas parties, there are many themes to choose from.

For example, perhaps you want something casual, or perhaps you want a strictly black tie event? Alternatively, you might want to incorporate company colours, values or motifs. This can only be enforced through a strong and coherent theme.

This requires some pre-planning if you want to get it right, as you also need to ensure your music, entertainment and venue also tie-in to the theme you want to create.


Finding The Perfect Organiser


As you can see, there are many things to consider, all of which is made easier if you go through the same planners for each factor.

Of course, all of this starts with choosing the right venue. Here at Blank Canvas, we have experience creating unique experiences from any space. We can take old industrial spaces and light them, creating a vibrant atmosphere, or we can take more modern venue halls and create sophisticated gala evenings.

Whatever party you are after, it is certainly possible if you know how. So, rather than stressing out over every little detail, why not trust an experienced planner who can take care of the entire process for you? This way, you’re free to enjoy the evening with everyone else!


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